Tips to Improve Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

To breathe clean and fresh air is a must for every living soul. But breathing clean air is becoming impossible day by day, witnessing the environment’s condition. Clean air is like a luxury for those who suffer from allergies or other related respiratory problems. Thankfully, homeowners today are choosing a variety of options for indoor air quality improvement, making it convenient and comfortable for their loved ones. This article will help you learn about the ways to improve indoor air quality in Buffalo NY.

Standard Furnace Filters, are they enough?

Most of the Standard Furnace Filters that are available in the market today are not designed and capable to clean indoor air. The prime function of the furnace is to prevent large particles like dust bunnies, pet hair and many more. It helps the blower motor of the furnace from getting it damaged. But these large particles rarely take part in the breathing-related problems. Hence, you must make sure that the furnace filter is changed often. If not, it could lead to the clogging of the blower motor resulting in reduced airflow. It will also pressurize the motor wasting cost and energy.

Does Electrostatic Home Filters better at the job?

These filters have metal or plastic strips that help in generating static electricity when the air is pulled through it. They are considered better at their job but demands regular monthly cleaning using either pressurized water or compressed air. Apart from this, they can prove to be difficult at cleaning because of their density. If these filters are not properly maintained or cared for, it will result in clogged filters.

How does the Portable or Professionally Installed Electronic Air Cleaners works?

They are known to be best at their job. But the only problem is they are limited or confined to a specific space or a room. They also demand high maintenance.

Though there’s no doubt in their performance, it takes a backseat because it is known to produce ozone. No matter how tiny the ozone quantity is produced, it still is harmful as it will affect the lung tissue.

Improving Air Quality with Portland Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning has proved to be very beneficial in extracting out dust from the ductwork. It has been reported that the interior air contains more dust than the exterior air. Also, the interior duct is the house for many bacteria and mites. So every time you run your furnace, these harmful bacteria and other related particles fill up your interiors, making it harmful for breathing. Hence, always make sure you clean your furnace before time to avoid any unfavorable situations.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance Cleaning of duct not only reduces the allergies reactions but also helps to extend the life of your heating and cooling system. When they are regularly cleaned it will perform better and will give out clean air. Apart from this, you will be happy to see your electricity bill coming low.

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