Signs to Look Out for New Furnace

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Is it that time of the year where you are back to stage one where you are struggling with deciding whether you need furnace replacement of furnace repair?

You sure would have good years spent with your loyal furnace, but with recent issues, you must be planning whether replacement is the best option or not. To help you decide better, Smart Home Heating and Cooling, present you with few warning signs that indicate a replacement is the best option.

  • Furnace Reaches its 15-Year Period Time

As per the HVAC experts, the maximum life expectancy of the furnace is 15-18 years. However, if your furnace has reached its 15th year and has started giving you repairing issues, then the best option is furnace replacement Buffalo, NY. If the repairing has taken its normal schedule, then spending the money on repairing is not considered worth it.

But if your furnace runs absolutely fine after repairs, then you can extend for two more years.

  • Frequent Repairs from Past 2 Years

One common indication of furnace replacement is constant repairing problems. And it gets started two years before replacement. If you have been facing repairing and parts replacement problems for the past 2 years, it is high time that you get a new furnace. 

  • Increased Heating Bill

There may be many reasons for increased energy bills. But one reason that will stand out from the rest is the problem with the furnace efficiency. If you have been maintaining your furnace regularly and have kept it in its best form, then you will not face these issues. 

But if maintaining is ignored, then the furnace will lose its efficiency, thereby leading to increased energy bills. If minor repairing does not solve the problem, then replacement is only the option.

  • Problem with Thermostats Setting

Do you experience uneven heating or cooling in different parts of the room? Even after setting your thermostats, if you are not very comfortable with the indoor temperature, then the issues are most likely with the furnace. The furnace may not distribute the heat properly, resulting in uncomfortable indoor temperature.

  • Strange Noise Coming from Furnace

Do you hear any popping, banging, or rattling noise? It is mostly from the furnace because as they age, they start giving out these strange noises indicating it is their end time.

If the sound is minimalist, then there is nothing to worry much about, but if it gets to the disturbing or irritating stage, then seek help from the furnace repair professionals and ask for replacement options.

  • Burner Flame is Yellow, instead of Blue

A yellow light indicates the emission of carbon monoxide. Usually, the burner ignites blue, but if you notice yellow, it is a matter of concern. This is a very dangerous situation and will need immediate help from the professionals. If ignored, it can also lead to leaking gas, and in the worst case, an explosion can also occur. Hence, seek help immediately. For the replacement option, make sure your furnace has at least more than two of the above problems. Also, if the repair costs up to 50% of the new furnace, then a new one is a better option.